From Rags to Ritches

What Is a Regulation? (Part One)


mall businesses add variation and opportunity to an economy. The community benefits from fresh entrepreneuring minds and activities. There have been plenty of obstacles in the past that have inhibited these up and coming business ventures. Individuals have, thankfully, enjoyed some positive changes in the world of startup business funding. These changes have invited more people to the forefront, that otherwise would have been unable to participate in a company startup.


Otherwise known as the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, the JOBS Act was put into place as law to make it easier for small business owners to get funding. Regulations that normally make it harder to get funding are more lenient for small business owners, inviting more interest concerning financial backing. This act was meant to help the economy and renew an interest in small business.

Legislation and Crowdfunding

The year 2011 brought many changes allowing small business to gain access to funding. Securities that are a part of crowdfunding now have an exemption. This is very encouraging for the many individuals that would like to be a part of helping a small business get up and moving. This also ensures that the majority of the money sourced to the cause of a business startup is actually used for that purpose instead of getting tied up in various other responsibilities. Some of the legislative changes put limits on the monetary amounts that can be exempt under the new and revised laws. The new changes that resulted in the JOBS Act have been a long time in the making and have resulted from intense lobbying on the part of committed individuals.

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